Restoration of Running Waters

Pratical Handbook for Natural Construction Methods

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Preserve, Protect, and Restore: Nature-based Construction for a Better Environment

Restauration of Running Waters: Practical Handbook for Nature-based Construction Methods impressively presents restoration methods and nature-based construction techniques in great detail through photos and sketches. A series of photos spanning up to 30 years bears witness to their success. Real cost estimates demonstrate the economic viability of ecological measures.

The book showcases innovative approaches to the restoration of running waters in line with the European Water Framework Directive. Emphasizing the principle of natural dynamics as the key discipline in addressing ecological deficits, the chapter on streams is tailored to the needs of municipalities, emphasizing the importance of a 10-meter-wide riparian strip.

Further chapters present positive examples of flood protection walls, reptile walls, the establishment of dry grasslands on embankments, and nature-friendly pathways along waterways – in short, all measures concerning streams and rivers. The author served as a lecturer at the Weihenstephan Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, section manager for watercourse conservation at the Traunstein Water Management Office, and instructor for applied courses on flowing waters. In this book, he has succinctly captured his 30 years plus experience in the restoration of running waters.

The book is a practical handbook intended for municipalities, landscaping and gardening companies, planning offices, water management authorities, forestry enterprises, permitting agencies, fishing clubs, and conservation organizations.


Georg Hermannsdorfer (eng.)
led the water conservation section at the Traunstein Water Management Office for over 30 years and was a lecturer at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University until 2019. His mean areas of expertise are Watercourse Restoration, Water and Soil Bioengineering, Environmental Education